A day in the life

Each day, two of our team are assigned to stay with Pastor Simon’s family to help prepare lunch and dinner for the team. Yesterday, Michelle and I were blessed to participate with this amazing family. I have to tell you, I’ve never seen people work as hard as Rwandans.

Karitas, Simon’s wife, and Dena, his daughter taught us to make Rwandese flat bread. (WONDERFUL) over the back yard charcoal fire. They have an american style kitchen but when they cook for a team as large as ours they use the outside African style kitchen. Basically a huge fire in a concrete oven.

The food has been delicious, chicken, beef, omelets, rice, beans, potatoes, green beans, peas….and the fruit is the very best. Fresh from the tree bananas, avocados, passion fruit, tree tomatoes. YUM. At one point yesterday, we were sittng in the back yard doing dishes with a bar of soap and big buckets of water and talking to Frazier and Baboo, Simon’s 8 and 9 year old sons about Bat Man and Mr. Bean. Talk about a culture merge. The whole family speaks french, kinyan rwanda, english, swahili and they were getting Alexandra to teach them Spanish at dinner last night. What a joy.


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