Daffodils and Crayons

Gifts are a tricky thing.

I think I hurt my daughter’s feelings the other day.   We were at a city park and she came running up to give me a daffodil.   I did the responsible parent thing and made her put it down.  I explained all about how flowers in parks have to stay put so everyone can enjoy them.   She really shouldn’t pick flowers in the park.   I’m sure she won’t do it again.

Looking back, I wished I’d smiled and smelled the flower.   I know we don’t fail as parents over one single event and that next time I’ll do better.   I just hope this time isn’t the lesson that sticks with her as she grows.  I hope it doesn’t squelsh the part of her that wants to give good gifts to people she loves.

“There is a longing that everyone shares, parents and children alike, and that is the longing to have something to give that is acceptable to others.” – Fred Rogers

I found this quotation in a book my mom gave me.    Mister Rogers  was a very wise man.   I’m going to schedule some time into my week to sit with my daughter and watch some Mister Rogers.   My favorite episode is the one where he takes his television friends on a tour of the crayon factory.  I love Mister Rogers.  I love crayons.   I love my child.   I love to give good gifts.   I trust she’ll learn this too.

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