Whenever I think about praying I’m amazed that God actually hears and responds to us.   I don’t for a minute believe that by praying we can force God to do what we want but I do believe the Bible when it says that the prayers of a righteous man are effective.   Like everyone, I’ve had prayers that God answered with a No.   I’ve had prayers that God answered with a Wait.   I’ve also had the joy of having some prayers answered with a resounding YES.

When I was about four I had one of those answers.  Our car wouldn’t start and I prayed and asked God for it to start.  As the story goes, my mother was a little nervous, she didn’t want my foundling faith rattled if God didn’t respond with a miracle.   God wasn’t worried though and the car started right up.

At seventeen, I was driving home from Portland when the wheel on my cool Cutlass Supreme fell off the axel.  (I also believe in angels because I didn’t crash, I just pulled over).   Sitting there in the car in the dark on the side of the freeway in 1993 I did not have a cell phone.  So I prayed a very simple plee.  God….send someone to help who won’t hurt me.   I got out of the car to walk and try to find a pay phone and guess what….my dad pulled up.   He’d been called out to an emergency late call which never happened and driving home noticed my car on the side of the road.   When God decides to answer sometimes He does it with style.

We’ve been trying to sell our house for about two months.  If you watch the news then you know that this is the worst time to be  selling a house.  About a week ago, we had several showings which ended with absolutely no interest.   We also had our one “backup plan” turn into a “never gonna happen”.   Last Wednesday, we asked some friends and family to fast and pray with us.   That same day we had a showing and now a week later, we have a cash offer, no inspection, no appraisal, moving in two weeks agreement.

My husband told my daughter to never forget this miracle.  I pray when she is in her thirties that she’ll still remember this day.  I pray that she’ll have her own list of times when God heard her.    I echo a prayer that our pastor frequently uses “Lord, Give us our Kids for the Kingdom”.


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3 responses to “Prayers

  1. Tiffany

    Thank you for your testimonial on prayer! That just shows and confirms what we all ready know and that is GOD IS AWESOME!!!

    Not that I was asked to fast, I wanted to let you know that after what you said you were on Wednesday, I fasted Thursday and prayed continuously!

  2. Elaine

    Love it Mindy! Isn’t God good!!!

  3. Wendy

    Thanks for sharing that Mindy. What a great blog! Love you!

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