You want me to do what?

Like a lot of people, I have a love hate relationship with excercise.  Wait.  Maybe that’s just a hate relationship.

I think this started from the usual terror stories of elementary school days spending PE trying to avoid playing Dodge Ball and spending recess trying to avoid getting hit in the head with the tether ball.    My PE teacher was a rather large woman who may have at one time in her life been healthy but it was clearly before any of us had been born.   She also had a very creative approach to physical education.    One day, she lined us all up and started to roll a hulahoop down a line and told us to all hop through the moving hoop as it passed by.   I thought she was crazy.  Not a single kid could do it.  I think she had visions of turning us into a circus act.   The class bully shouted out that we’d try again when she showed us how.  She put away the hula hoop.

We moved in the middle of my 8th grade year.   First day at the new school I walked into PE and they were doing the final tests for the unit on gymnastics.  They had been spending the previous eight weeks learning about the various equipment and putting together routines.    The PE teacher made me take the test.   This was not a good introduction to other middle school students.   Really, if you had missed the instruction weeks and had to do a floor routine (no way was I getting on the balance beam or parallel bars) in front of people you just met what would you do?  Somersaults really don’t cut it.

When I turned thirty, I signed up to do the Portland Marathon.  This shocked everyone I know.   It shocked me.   I actually trained and I did in fact finish the 26.2 miles.  I walked, I ran, I shuffled but I finished.   I promptly quit running again.

So now, I’m turning 35 in two weeks and its about time to pull myself together again.   I’m very clearly a project person.  I have discovered the only time I get anything done is when I’m facing a deadline of some sort.  So I’m signed up for the Portland to Coast in August and the Warrior Dash in September.  That should do it. What I learned last time I trained was really the only thing you have to do to finish a race is just not quit.   This is probably true in all areas of life.   Even if it’s a love hate relationship.  Just don’t quit.

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