Bloom Baby Bloom

Guess what??!!   My bulbs bloomed!   I’m shocked.   I hoped and planted and trusted and cried over the one slug eaten daffodil and now I’m totally amazed that I have a backyard full of blooms.  I keep going out in the backyard and checking to make sure they are there.   The tulips are even up.   I am already planning on planting more this coming fall.   I want lillies.

My daughter shares my joy.  She has a bumblebee watering can which is getting daily usage.   She wants to water the flowers even when its raining.   I appreciate this committment.   She’s no fair weather caretaker.

She turned five this last weekend.   Someone asked her how old she was and she replied “Five.  Five is a big deal.”   She’s right.

I love the daffodils, tulips, crocus and Hyacinth but my favorite flower in the backyard right now is the dandelion.  I love watching my five-year old traipse around the backyard gathering up the cheerful flower.    I love that dandelions can survive and thrive everywhere.   I love how they make my daughter want to give.    Her hands thrust out with a huge smile.

I went running after work today.   My daughter asked if she should come.   I said sure, you can do the first lap with me, go get your running clothes on.   She came back in plaid red and green pants and  a turquoise t-shirt on backwards.    She jogged ahead of me and ran all the way around the big block, .38 of a mile.   She only stopped once.   It was to pick a dandelion.

Parenting this child is a joy.   Watching her grow is a treasure.   Bloom my honey girl.  Bloom.



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  1. Tiffany Tremaine

    Parenting is such a joy! Thank you!

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