The blogs that never were.

I suffer from blog guilt.  I look at my statistics and see that faithful readers have come to my site and have been turned away without fresh stories.   Not very many faithful readers mind you but some.    It isn’t that I wasn’t thinking about blogging.   It’s just that this week they all hit the trash can.   Here are the top five blog stories that aren’t going to happen this week.

#5:    Yes I really can cook.     My husband’s birthday was on Monday.   I successfully made an incredible green bean casserole.   I stole the recipe from a friend.   It involves cheese, butter, sour cream, more cheese and bacon.   I didn’t burn it.  People had seconds.   Really that’s all I had to say about it.   Not long enough for a blog.

#4.  My husband is amazing.    There is a fine line between a nice sentimental blog about your spouse and a blog that makes people feel queasy from too much gush.    I was having a hard time with the fine line so I hit delete.   He is amazing though.

#3.  I’m a crazy parent.   My kindergartener was assigned to the orange reading group.   I don’t know what this means.   Does orange mean she’s in the second highest group because orange is the second color in the rainbow?   Does orange mean she’s in the highest reading group because orange is so bright?   Does orange mean that she is in the lowest reading group because orange reminds me of clowns which she can be when she’s supposed to be paying attention?    I actually voiced some of these questions to my sister who happens to teach kindergarten.  She took a deep breath so she could avoid punching me and then told me I was one of the crazy parents and I needed to reevaluate.   Who wants to read a whole blog about that?

#2.   Its raining.  I like rain.   I already blogged about this last year.    Rain, Rain.      I need someone to tell me if people like to see old blogs reposted.    Or should I come up with something new to say?   I’m in a quagmire.

#1.  National Novel Writing Month  I have two friends who are writers by trade.  One is a newspaper columnist.  One is a novelist.   I think they are both incredible.   I briefly contemplated participating in this year’s National Novel Writing Month.  It’s in November.  You’re supposed to write a 50,000 word novel in just one month.  Last year there were over 200,000 participants and 50,000 people actually completed a novel in a month.  I’m so curious.    That’s how far I got on the blog.   Probably not a good sign for a full novel.

Whew.   I feel better.   Like I confessed and the guilt is gone.   Read on my readers.



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8 responses to “The blogs that never were.

  1. Michelle Kastine

    Your daughter is lucky to have you as a “crazy parent”. I wish more of my students had super involved parents…

  2. Mindy,

    I would read whatever you wrote about! I feel that you could write about a mustard seed and it would be interesting. Miss you!

  3. Megan Cooper

    It’s a good day when you can use the word quagmire. Secondly, don’t get me started on colors of reading groups and what they mean. Nonetheless, I am sure you aren’t the only parent curious about what orange means but at least you are willing to ask the question.

  4. Sarah

    I am totally a crazy parent so I would love to read a whole blog post on that so that I don’t feel so alone! I think I have a new question daily for Hannah’s teacher. She even gave me her home phone number and told me I could call her if I had other questions! I don’t think I will go that far but I am kind of crazy.

    Here’s the website devoted to providing inspiration and motivation!
    Wanna do the Novel in a Month thing? I’m not sure I have that much time each day, but maybe we could start our own, less ambitious challenge…
    As for the orange group, I’m dying to know, what does it mean? Does she have to wear orange, read only orange books, can she change color groups, how many color groups are there? Why colors and not letters, since it’s reading after all…

  6. And, no, you can’t re-post old blogs…!

  7. Mike Chumbley

    I can only speak to one of the areas. I agree Aaron is amazing. I may however be biased.

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