Back in the Real Times

My daughter received a play nativity set at church last night. When she got home, she wanted to put on a puppet show. We dutifully sat in our traditional spots while she got her belly down to the carpet and reached her hands up over the side of our coffee table. My husband narrated.

We heard all about King Herod, the Three Wise Men, lots of full Inns and a baby born in a barn. When the whole thing was over and the cheering had died down, the five-year old took her bow. She was headed back downstairs to get ready for bed but first we had to inspect her scenery. My husband told her he liked how she arranged the stars and put the big star right in the middle. She looked up at him and said “Well, that is where it was back in the real times”.

I love this. Our culture is full of reality TV, fantasy football, glitter and glam. We have ribbons and ruffles. We have Santa and presents and cookies and crowded parking lots. I love that my daughter in child like wisdom can recognize that the time that God decided to join humanity was the most real time.

Emmanuel. God with us. I love Christmas.

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