What I know.

I’ve had a day.  Or two.  The kind of hang your head, kick the tires, sigh and eat chocolate chip cookie kind of days.  The “I know I’m a better mom, better wife, better boss than this” kind of days.   The “I promise to floss, I promise to ask, the I promise to wait” kind of days.

At one point yesterday I was actually telling my children to stuff the garbage sitting around in our car under the seat so that the people we were picking up wouldn’t see it.  

Mom failure.

 That’s not who I want to be. And its really not who I want them to be.  I want to be the kind of people that put their garbage in garbage cans.   But that’s clearly not happening.  (HA!)

 Can I just say I have garbage and you can see it and hiding it doesn’t make it go away and that my dear children its just fine if people see our flaws.  But right now I’m tired of the pointless could have, should have self talk.

So I’m going to do what generally works.    I’m putting on some music and I’m making a list.  Even though I don’t feel like it.  Here are the things I know to be true.   I stand on them.

I am loved by my Creator.    Greatly.

I am not perfect.    It’s okay.   My story is not the list of my failures and shortcomings and sin.  It’s frankly also not the list of things I think I did right.  My story is Grace.

Feelings are not facts.     Feelings are real.  They are important.  They are toxic when they are bottled up.   But they are NOT facts.

I don’t know what the future holds but God does.     He promises it’s secure.

This photo is cute.  


My daughter was in the office yesterday morning with me before my day headed south.   I found this artwork this afternoon in a stack of paperwork.   It reminds me that I often miss the joy in my life in the midst of the junk.  And this blue haired wonder made me smile and remember that my husband is  courageous and kind and that my ten year old is determined and fun and that my three year old is passionate and clearly a budding artist.    It made me remember to count my blessings.

Gratitude trumps grumpy.   That is what I know.





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2 responses to “What I know.

  1. Mike Chumbley

    Well said

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