Talking Love Come Down

It occurred to me a few days ago that if I keep writing I might run out of things to talk about.   Hasn’t happened yet in 40 years but you never know.

I heard this song for the first time on Sunday morning at church.   The worship band was rocking out.  Well.  We were Nazarene style church rocking.  Not Metallica concert rocking.  At any rate.  This song Love Come Down by North Point has been stuck in my head all week.  Listen Here.  What struck me about this song was the joy and fun – and this line about singing forever.

I will sing forever of Your love come down
With my hands to heaven, shout Your praises loud
I was lost in darkness when You pulled me out
I will sing forever of Your love come down

It encouraged my soul.   Music has a way of reminding me of what matters.

I took a walk this past weekend.  Nice big training five-mile walk.   My pace stunk because I kept stopping to take photos.    This one made me want to write.   Or paint.  Or sing.    Blue and green and white and good lines.  Nice composition there oh Creator of my soul.


I love watching friends help friends.  I love watching kids succeed at piano or spelling or soccer or picking up their socks.   Popsicles on sunny days.  Planting a garden.  Finishing a book. Watching the movie.   I’m inspired by forgiveness.

I will never run out of things to talk about because Grace never runs out.





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