And so it goes.

This is my daughter and her friend.   But it could be my Mom and Dad.   Or my husband and myself.  My guess is there are lots of relationships that mirror these photos.    I love the range of expressions on these two.  It’s more fun the longer I look at them.


What in the heck is she doing?  

Getting my groove on.   Clearly.  Life is for DANCIN!


If I stand here very calmly maybe they won’t think I know her.

They said to smile.  I’m smiling!  


Ok.  I’m leaning away.  Moving slightly to the side.

You can’t ignore me!! I’m smiling! I’m here!  Talk to me!


She’s kind of fun.  Do NOT tell anyone I thought that.

Tee hee.  


And so it goes.




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3 responses to “And so it goes.

  1. Duane Mattson

    It’s very good to be part of your blog. Thank you , Dad 🙂

  2. Megan

    These photos pretty much resemble all of my students and I. There are those that love being crazy with me (dancing, singing and all) and those who look at me like her little friend. Me outside of the classroom? I less resemble your daughter and more share the sentiments of her friend!

  3. Jill Williamson

    *laughs and laughs* Oh, Mindy. I needed that this morning. Thank you!

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