Love Does

I just finished reading a huge hearted, grace filled, crazy fun kind of book called Love Does by Bob Goff. 

Bob’s day job is being an attorney chasing down faulty construction companies. His heart work is chasing down bad guys who traffic and abuse children in Uganda.  His hobbies include sailing, skateboarding, sitting on Tom Sawyer’s Island in Disneyland and dating his wife.  He also happens to love Jesus.    I like this guy.

My husband and I spent the morning drinking coffee, eating Dutch pancakes and putting together a roof rack so we can properly adventure up and haul stuff this summer.    At one point in our marriage we did not assemble things together well.   We have had lots of practice since with IKEA furniture and we can generally handle assembly without fighting. 

The instructions today had some life advice. 

I smiled and thought how much better events go with a friend.  And especially when I remember to treat my spouse as my friend in the building process. 

My favorite quote in the Love Does book was about how pushing back on the dark works best in conjunction with friendship. 

Organizations have programs. People have friends. Friends trump programs every time. 

I like giving to a good non-profit or cheering on an underdog. But I will work to exhaustion and give sacrificially for a friend.  I bet you do as well. 

The key to really making a difference in the world is to make the underdogs your friends.  It’s getting to know the people at the non-profit personally.    It’s having fun in the process, getting dirty, dancing crazy and loving in action.    

You know that idea you have? The one that won’t go away?  The one that scares you? The one where you see you helping someone up or stopping a bully or hugging a hungry baby?

Can I be your friend in that?  Go for it. Love does. 


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