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The 8th Annual Scramble for the Kids

Today is the last day to register for the early bird pricing on The 8th Annual Scramble for the Kids.     Want to know why I think you should come golf?   Or Volunteer?  Or Donate?   Here are the top 10 reasons I love the Scramble for the Kids

10.    Our Volunteers.

I love the team of people who come out every year to run contests, greet golfers, haul water and generally cheer on the play.    I love watching my kids and my friend’s kids learn that there is no better fun than helping others.


9.      Nifty T-Shirts and Signs and Awards.

golf bannerI love the fact we run a quality tournament and that its all donated or underwritten by sponsors.  I love Anderson Signs for their annual donation of our signage.  I love Liberty Bible Church for massive quantities of printing and advertising and t-shirts.    I love my company for paper and pencils and staples and such.  I love Woodin’ You for beautiful awards.  All of those donations means more for kids.

8.    Great Prizes.

Scramble for the kids logo


Weekends in Sun River.   Fishing Trips.  Rounds of Golf.  Massage.   Raffle and Contests and its all donated.

7.   Fun Contests.

Closest to the Pin.  Happy Gilmore.   Long Drive.    We have a great time.

golf swing

6  .  Great Golf

golf carts

18 holes at Camas Meadows Golf Course.   Best Ball Scramble.   Throws and String and all the bells and whistles.  You can’t golf?    Its a Scramble people – just for fun – grab a ringer and come out!

5.   Generous Sponsors

Back Camera

Back Camera

Oh My Goodness.    I love Peace Health Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine Center.   I love Tri-Tech Heating and Cooling.  I love Les Schwab Tire Centers.    Wade Au at State Farm.    Simple Lawns.    O’Ryan Industries.  Bonnie Irwin at Real Living.  Stan Berkey at Northwest Funding Group.   The Holt Group.   Rush Process.   And the 100 other hole sponsors and prize sponsors and raffle donors.   You inspire me.

4.   Partnerships

I love watching a church partner with a whole pile of local businesses and individuals to help vulnerable kids.   Community together.  It’s what is right about our world.


3.  Open House Ministries.

I love that this year proceeds from the Scramble for the Kids are going to help purchase gym equipment for the new facility at Open House Ministries.  There is something so right about a day of golf that helps homeless kids play ball.  Fun can heal.


2. Foster Kids through Bridge the Gap


Proceeds from this year’s tournament will help foster kids here in Clark County with back to school fees.    So golfers will help foster kids play fall sports.  Or rent band instruments.  Buy new shoes.    I really love golf.

1.  This Baby.


This beautiful child was the first baby born at the Ndengera Clinic in Gisenyi, Rwanda.  She was born last night.  She is why I love golf.  For the past 8 years the Scramble for the Kids has provided support to the Ndengera Clinic, Ndengera School, clean water well and general support to at risk children in Rwanda.  This baby girl had a safe place to come into the world because of golf.    It really does not get better than that.

So sign up.     Come golf.  Donate.   Never been a better reason to golf.   Or ten reasons.

Sign Up Here






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Faith like Apples

This photo makes me so happy!   Our volunteer is planting one of 200 apple trees going in at the Ndengera site.   I love his helper.  I can’t wait to see a photo of her eating one of the apples.   I can’t look at these photos too long or read the blogs too often or I have an urge to drive to the airport and get on a plane.

Check out Dr. Chris Finley’s blog today called Faith Like Apples and Kevin Rose’s blog called Not Just Another Day.   They both made me cry.  Might be the pregnancy hormones but I don’t think so.

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The Ndengera Clinic and well dedication

In about a week one of the doctors who traveled with us to Rwanda in June 2010 is headed back to that great green country.   He will be spending some time in the clinic doing ongoing training for the local doctors and nurses.  He’ll also get to attend the official medical clinic and community well dedication.   It took a year and a half and an incredible amount of red tape but now The Ndengera Clinic is officially certified with the governmemt.   The well also had more bumps and twists than we ever imagined but it too is up and running.  To celebrate they are having a ceremony.    I had the great priveledge of writing a letter to be read on behalf of our church and team.    This whole project continues to be one of my greatest joys.    Here is what I wrote.   I wish I could be there to read it myself.

Greetings from Liberty Bible Church and the medical partners in the United States.   It is an honor to be here at the dedication of the Ndengera Clinic and well.   On this happy day, we echo the words of Paul in Philippians 1: 3-5

I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

We honor the commitment of our brothers and sisters in Rwanda as you invest in this clinic and well.  We trust that your efforts will continue and broaden in support though out the community.

It is our hope that this clinic will provide compassionate care to the people in Gisenyi and to the children of the Ndengera Foundation.   It is our desire that the clean water from this well will support the good health of the community.

More than that though, it’s our prayer that all who come in contact with this facility will feel the love of Christ and the encouragement of being served by those who love Jesus.

We have been blessed by your friendship and thank you for the opportunity to partner with you in this great work.

I hope they take a lot of pictures.


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