A Big Birthday Party

It is June 21st.  Second day of VBS. Approximately  300 kiddos including 40 preschoolers.   I help with the littles.   It’s a crazy mass of fun.    It’s also my mother-in-laws birthday today.  Her first birthday in heaven.  It’s heart breaking.

I am blessed by this woman.  Blessed because she raised an incredible son. Blessed because she loved me generously.    

She taught me about gardening and befriending your neighbors.  About listening respectfully to everyone- even people who you don’t agree with a word they are saying.  

She knew how to carry herself with beauty and grace.  She taught her daughters the same.

She loved her grandchildren.  Fiercely. 

She loved to play games and talk about ordinary every day things. She knew that joy often shows up in the daily.

I love this woman.  It’s her birthday. One of her daughters wisely recommended we get together and have a large piece of cake in her honor.   We will have to do that soon. 

However tonight we will be signing and dancing and playing and laughing with three and four year olds. My guess is that your first birthday in heaven is quite the party.  Kinda like VBS. 


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They call him Dad

Oh my love.  Happy Father’s Day.  Thank you for teaching our daughters that men can be gentle.

That celebrating often is a great way to live life. 

That beards and hats are always a good idea.  That building a marriage and a home and parenting your kids well are the best career plan. 

That hugs and naps and coffee can fix most problems.

That good memories matter. 

Thank you for teaching them to cook and to enjoy serving others.

That adventures and fun matter.

That Jesus matters most. 

Happy Father’s Day.

You Father well. 

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Winning Big

This is my father and mother in 1972.   This is before kids and way before grandkids.   I love my mother’s dress and my father’s swanky tie.  Mostly I love that my Mom smiles she knows something she’s not telling and my Dad smiles like he’s won the lottery.   

This is a photo from just last Friday.  Same thoughtful smile from my mom. Same lucky winner smile from my dad. 

I can write a long list of things I love about my dad.  Hard working and faithful and generous and kind.  Willing and friendly and calm and steadfast.    

But this Father’s Day it’s that smile that I love the best. And the fact that my mama is frequently what makes him smile.   My Dad makes us believe that he thinks he’s the luckiest man alive because he has us. And is there anything more a Dad can do?   Really we won. 

Thanks for loving us all well Dad. Happy Father’s Day. 

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