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Encouragement Notes

Thanks to Vickie C. for sending with us daily encouragement notes with Bible verses and a candy. It has been a huge help to get a tiny taste of home and some food for our hearts.

A box of raisins with a note that says “We’re Raisin good kids”.

One day we had an extra starburst (You are a Star Volunteer) which we gave to our guard at the guest house. He jumped up and down and said SUGAR. ITS GOOD ITS GOOD.

Then we pointed out the bible verse and he asked if we had a bible. One Rwandan guard is now the proud owner of a pocket size English Bible. I’m not sure if he wanted it for the financial value to resell, for the chance to learn English or because he is a believer. However I know that the Bible he now holds says that God’s Word will not return void so pray for this man and that this Bible will travel far into the hearts of these people


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