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All the friendly beasts

We spent last Saturday at an impromptu Christmas party at my grandmother’s care facility.    Keep in mind my grandmother is 92, has Alzheimer’s and that my five-year old was attending.    This is a picture of my grandma.   She’s darling.     Frankly all six of the residents are cute.

This is a picture of the caretakers’ teenage daughter.  She’s amazingly talented.  She sings.  She plays the piano, the violin and she’s learning to play the harp.  She’s also kind to the patients who live in her home.

This is the harp teacher.  He was also asked to be the entertainment at the party.    I liked the scarf.  It made me grin.     He was leading caroling.   Mind you, none of the residents really sing along.  There was one other family visiting who didn’t really seem cheerful.   I think they were shocked by how their family member had declined.    They don’t visit very often.   Anyway, they weren’t singing.    This left my daughter, my mother, my father and me.      The leader started with “All the friendly beasts”.   Seriously?   What about Silent Night?    Jingle Bells?   Nope, he moved onto O Holy Night including the French and German verses and, I kid you not, a verse in Pig Latin.

This is a photo of the song lyrics.  Very small print.   I was taken back to the last time I had to sing aloud, in Rwanda….not a pleasant experience….funny….painful.

This is my father.  He’s a good sport.  His strong tenor was carrying us all.

This is the caretakers’ son.  He has a crush on my daughter.   Every time we visit he shows up with toys and songs and tries to impress her.    This time he had a three week old puppy he let her hold.   She was in love.   With the puppy.    He was pretty pleased with himself.   Neither one of them was singing.   They were trying to feed the dog Christmas cookies and Orange Juice.

This is a picture of my mother.    She’s trying not to laugh.

I was just smiling.   I liked the residents, I am grateful for the caretakers.   I was overwhelmed with gratitude for family and puppies.   It was a ball.   I even sang along.


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