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Hebrews and Daffodils

There was a brief moment of sunshine yesterday.   I shook the dust of my gardening gloves and raced outside.  I was thrilled to see my bulbs are coming up.   I happily weeded around the fence line.   The cheer lasted until the right side of the yard.   I had planted daffodils along the fence.   They came up.   There was evidence of a blossom.  It had been ravaged by a slug.  The shoots were stripped as well.  I was greatly annoyed.   The slug had wisely moved on.   If it hadn’t I’m sure that we would now be short of salt in the kitchen.   I noticed that my neighbors daffodils were blooming nicely.    My crankiness took root and settled in.

Driving to church this morning I noticed that the entire neighborhood was in bloom.    Our slug had amazing power because not only had it eaten my blossom but it also had stolen the cheer from what I normally rejoice over.     By the time I got to church I was sitting right on the edge of angry again.

I have a friend who says that a swift kick to the head is sometimes the best thing for us.   This bible verse in the sermon delivered.

“See to it that no one falls short of the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many.” Hebrews 12:15

Minor irritation has a tendency to grow when it isn’t dealt with.   Little things feed it.   And then, sadly, it spreads.     Sometimes a foul mood can take permanent residence.   It can start to choke out the love and grace and joy from your life.   Bitterness can come from completely legitimate injuries.   But when it grows, it still robs us of joy.   If allowed, it can hurt others too.

After church I decided to do some more weeding.  This time in my heart.  The best way for me  to kick a bad mood is to go for a run and crank up some praise music.    Somewhere in the third mile I was grinning.    The entire trail was covered in bright yellow blossoms.   I love daffodils.  Yellow, orange, white and green.  Spring is definitely here.

Is it time to weed?  Go run your race.  There are daffodils everywhere.

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