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Cars anyone?

My first car was fast. It was not cool but it was fast. I was totally thrilled and am still grateful to my parents for a car of my own. It was a 1982 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. Chocolate brown. It smelled vaguely like maple syrup. My friends and I called it the brown bomb. The car had sometime lost the lining in the roof and therefore rained down orange fuzz on the driver (me) and any passengers (usually my sister). Used to be a diesel but someone had converted it and put in a 350. This is entirely too much engine for a brand new driver. I got three speeding tickets in this car.

My second car was a bright red completely stripped down Dodge Neon. I bought it myself with payments for five full years. I do not recommend this plan to anyone. I test drove the fully loaded version and then bought the stripped down one without driving it. I do not recommend this plan to anyone. I could not drive the car home because I didn’t know how to drive a stick shift. We took the car the next weekend to SunRiver for a college retreat. We took along walkie talkies and my friend drove in front of me and spent the entire trip on the walkie talkie telling me when to shift. I do not recommend this plan to anyone. I got one speeding ticket in this car.

My third car was a blue hatch back Hyundai Elantra. My mom and I went to the dealer to buy this car and refused to go inside the dealership for any of the purchase. While the sales people thought we were deranged, it was a very speedy negotiation and the fastest car purchase on history. I totally recommend this plan to everyone. I got another speeding ticket in this car.

I’d like to say that I quit speeding when I got pregnant and realized I was carrying precious cargo. That’s not actually what did it. My aunt found out somehow that I had five speeding tickets. My aunt lost her husband and her daughter to cancer. So when she raised her voice and told me that I was absolutely not allowed to endanger her future niece or nephew I listened. I haven’t had a speeding ticket since.

My daughter and my nephew both have little mini cars they love to drive around various parking areas. It scares me a little. I know they are having fun and a bump or scrape won’t remotely matter. I want them both to grow up and get their own cars. I will cheer when they get their driver’s licenses. But I have to be honest, I hope their cars are not fast.

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