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Things I’ve Learned in Rwanda.

You can treat Scabies with a good rub down of permethrin. Scabies hangs out between fingers and toes and they love ankles. They. Yes. Scabies are bugs that burrow into your skin and colonize. I learned you can make a baby smile by rubbing their toes in Rwanda just like in the US and that permethrin is a lot like baby lotion. One treatment does the job and people no longer have the itchy, cracking skin caused by Scabies. I learned that a 39 year old woman can have scabies and that she can stand with dignity and grace while people who don’t know her and don’t speak her language help spread the goo. I learned that you can hand someone a new skirt and an old t-shirt and make their day. I learned why nurses smile while they are dealing with every possible body fluid. I learned why doctors study and why Jesus spent so much time healing. Great joy in the clinic today.

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