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National Read in the Bathtub Day.

My sister called this morning with excellent news.  It’s National Read in the Bathtub Day.   I don’t know who assigns these random holidays but for once I am determined to help spread the word and encourage everyone to celebrate.

If you’ve never been one to read in the bathtub I do have a few hard learned tips.   

#1.  Don’t take library books in the bathtub unless you don’t mind purchasing them later on.  (I also don’t recommend loaning library books to other people who might take them in the bath….or spill coffee on them.)

#2.  Don’t try reading books you can’t manage with one hand in the bathtub.  This rules out War and Peace.

#3.  Pay your water bill.  If you are in the middle of a really good book, you may have to add more hot water about an hour into the read.     

#4.  If you want the full experience, make sure to add some bubbles and take a snack with you.  

I could live in my tub I think.

Are you going to celebrate today??


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