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Orange Toes

I went to a birthday party last night.   I have to admit I almost stole one of the gifts the birthday girl received.   I know coveting is a sin so I clearly need to do some penance.   She received a gift certificate for a pedicure.  Funny thing is I actually have a gift certificate for a pedicure in my wallet.   I got it for Christmas.   I’ve called to redeem it several times and they are always booked.   Fancy Schmancy place.    I wondered at the party if she’d notice if I stealthily switched gift cards.

Remember the Seinfeld episode where Elaine goes for a pedicure and is convinced the technicians are talking about her?   We decided last night we need a phone app that can do instant translations.   Although if I did confirm that they were commenting on how odd my toes are I really wouldn’t care as long as they didn’t quit pampering.    I always pick a toe nail polish that sparkles.   No one sees it in the winter but its fun to wiggle my toes in the bubble bath and see the shimmer.  My daughter likes it when our toes match.   We both currently have sparkles, mine are golden, hers are orange.

I miss Seinfeld.  He had an irreverent way of catching the humor in the most routine aspects of life.   We used to keep our Thursday nights clear so we wouldn’t miss an episode.   We had a party the night of the final episode.   Reruns still show at our house but they just aren’t quite the same.  I wonder what Seinfeld would say about phone apps.

Remember the soup nazi?  Everyone remembers the soup nazi.    We have a friend who was in New York and tracked down the restaurant that episode was based on.   He bought my husband an orange from the place.    My husband dehydrated it and the orange sits on our counter.    Every time I see it I think of Seinfeld and of good friends.  Maybe I should book my pedicure out a couple of months.  Then maybe I could talk these friends into coming into town.   I’ll take his wife for a pedicure.  Our toes can match.  Orange.

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