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Slumber Parties

The trick to slumber parties is to be in the last group that falls asleep.   This is important for two main reasons.

First, the parties tend to get more hilarious and memorable as the night goes on.  As a result falling asleep early means you miss out on what everyone is going to talk about the next few weeks.

Second,  if you are asleep you are an easy target for pranks from the other girls.    I’m pretty sure in my career of slumber parties that I was always among the last to crash.  I have a fear of missing out.  And a fear of toothpaste in my hair.   And a fear of being what everyone is talking about the next few week.

I had the great gift of growing up with eight girls who still remain my friends.  I’ve known a couple of them since I was two.   I’ve known most of them since Kindergarten.   We played our way through grade school,  fought our way through junior high, and attempted to kill off our youth pastor in high school.   We went to countless slumber parties.  I’ve been to their bachelorette parties, weddings and baby showers.   They came to mine.  I’ve sat with these girls in hospital rooms and court rooms.

This past weekend I went to a two night slumber party with the whole crew.   We ate rice crispie treats, reeces peanut butter cups, popcorn with brewer’s yeast and caramel corn.   We looked through old photo albums.  We watched home videos and painted our toe nails.   Conversations abounded.  We covered kids, pets, husbands and exes, siblings and parents.

Some of these girls I see weekly.  Some of them I haven’t seen in a years.   We picked up right where we left off.   Somewhere in the middle of a rousing game of Bananagrams it occurred to me that I love these women.  All of them.   Partly because I’m proud of who they’ve all become.   Partly because they take me as I am.

I drove out to the gate to let one car load of girls out.   I realized I hadn’t grabbed the parking pass so I waved down the other car.   When they stopped,  I started to jump out of my car to grab the parking pass.  My passenger and I were both surprised and a little annoyed when they started pulling away.    I was miffed right until I realized that they were not moving….we were.     My car was in reverse and rolling backward.   I was hopping on one leg and yelling frantically to my friend to help.    Neither of us panicked and she threw the car into park while I pulled the parking brake.    We didn’t hit anything.  I didn’t run myself over.     Whew.

The girls all had the good grace not to laugh at me.   Nope.  I’m lying.  We all laughed.   That’s what people who’ve known you forever have the right to do.

I think I’m getting old.   I clearly can’t function now sleep deprived.   I’d like to say for the record though that I was again one of the last to fall asleep.  Good slumber parties never have too much sleep.

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