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Art, Uncles and Synergy

Ever notice that others can bring out the best in you?   My entire life my Uncle Don has been one of those people.  Uncle Don is one of the most competitive people I know.  He’s also one of the most talented.  Let me give you a random unsolicited piece of advice.    Do not start a contest, game, story, joke or in this case BLOG with Uncle Don….unless you plan on investing some time and possibly some money in keeping up with the guy!

So I’ve been blogging for about two months now.  It started in Rwanda as a way to keep people back home informed that the team was, in fact, still alive.    I ended up really enjoying the blogging and it was a therapeutic way to process the overwhelming events we saw each day.     I’m also by nature a number’s girl and it’s too fun to watch the daily statistics and see exactly how many people are coming by to read the newest post.

I have to sidebar here as an example in my point of this blog and tell you that my mother is standing over my shoulder correcting my spelling and grammar.

About a month ago, my uncle joined the blogging nation and I’ve been trying to keep up ever since.  Last night I went to the library for my daughter but brought home a book that is sure to give me a leg up….WordPress for Dummies.   Watch out Don….

For those of you who have read this far and want to know what all of this has to do with art, you are going to have to read Uncle Don’s blog post today… it’d called Dylan’s Lion.



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