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Bragging Rights

My grandmother was competitive.  If you went to visit Grandma, it was only a matter of time before she asked if you wanted to play a game.  Skipbo, RummyCube, Trianamos, Phase 10 and Rook were all good possibilities.  If she was losing, she’d pray.   She’d win.   I think that might be cheating.

I take after my grandma.  With the praying and the competition.   I only cheat in Monopoly.   That game is mind numbingly boring.  I always tell people I cheat before I agree to play.    Somewhere in the middle of the game they notice that I’ve pilfered half of  the funds in the bank and have been charging them rent when they land on their own properties.   They always act surprised.   Not sure why though since I warned them upfront.

Currently, I’m caught up in a fierce competition with my mother.   I showed her how to play Word with Friends on her phone.   When you finish a game on WWF it asks if you’d like a rematch.  Problem is that it asks you both.   We’re both fairly competitive. If I lose a game, I’m certainly not going to deny a rematch.   It’s a shot to earn back some vocabulary credibility.  If I win, its fun to keep riding that wave.   As a result,  we are experiencing exponential growth in the number of games we’re playing against each other.

The two of us have different approaches to Word with Friends.   My mom looks at the letters she has and thinks.  Then she puts words on the board.   I try that.   When it doesn’t work, I start randomly arranging letters until the game accepts a word.   Sometimes I’m shocked.    My mother is not impressed.     If she ran the world, you’d have to use the word in a sentence before you could place it on the board.    I have to admit that it does slightly decrease the impact of a win when I sneak in a higher score with a word I have no idea how to pronounce or define.

Bovids are not known to daven.   If they did, Ods might decided to rearrange the var.    There you go, my mama.  All my words in sentences.   I even looked them up.   Grandma would be proud.



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Words with Friends

Its official.  I am not cool.  I am pretty sure I’ve never been hip or rad or awesome.  This week though I have proof I’m way behind everyone else in keeping up with the latest trends. 

Proof?  I started a blog about ten years behind when it would have been cutting edge.   I started watching The Biggest Loser this week.   It’s in its thirteenth season, I’ve never seen it.  I can’t turn it off.    

I have an Android phone.   I live in an Apple house.  This might be part of the problem.    My husband and several friends are much cooler than I am and sport Iphones.   I’ve spent about a year secretly jealous of exactly one feature.    Everyone plays Word with Friends.    They all sit around and randomly impress each other with their amazing vocabularies. 

This is right up my alley.   I was thrilled yesterday when I discovered that Android added the game!  (Probably they had a long time ago and I just didn’t know it….more proof).  

 I promptly started three games with the three people I know who are the most vocal users of Word with Friends.      Twenty Four hours in and I am holding my own in one game.   The second game is with my spouse.   I had to call him and beg him to please play with me.  He said something vaguely snide about how everyone was playing that six months ago but they moved on.  Something about Angry Birds.    The third game I think I may have accidentally deleted right after I posted an amazing 30 point word.   Sigh.     

Clearly I need an Iphone.   Or maybe not.   Maybe I should go back to not caring that I’m not cool.    I only just noticed this week.   Oh wait….its my turn.   Any tips on what words start with Q and don’t require a U?

Anyone else?   What trend did you catch onto entirely after it was already over?


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